I Bleed To Know You're Alive.
Title : Change

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Life has been great. Truly, I feel that my life is filled with content, love and calm. It's the heart I'm emphasizing. You know, it's true that what my dad told me, "To be a bad person, it's easy, with just a blink you can be a bad person. But to be a good person, it takes time, patience, and perseverance to be one. So start from small."

I'm growing a year older each year. And when am I gonna be better? Like a saying, "If you think your good, be better."

Everyone wants to be a better person and not be bad, but you know what's holding you back? It's the nafs(the temptations, lust, temporary pleasure) that keeps you holding and always pull you back when you're at the peak of changing.

My advice that I keep telling myself is, let's start from small. Start cutting out slowly with the bad habits you have. Even for me, I still do have my bad habits to stop. Well you can't exactly rid it but you can slowly stop it. And one important point is, never ever leave your prayers. Always make supplication and invoke to Allah for guidance.

He is the All-Hearer and The Oft-Forgiving.

So let's be a better people, ummah and Muslim alright?

May Allah guide us and lead us to the straight path and to be amongst the righteous ones. Aamiin.


Title : what's the difference between sex and making love.

Sex, is when you're enjoying pleasure from other parties for the sake of it whereas Making Love, can be a simple make-out, which will eventually lead on to sex. But, Making Love involves two parties who love each other and are willing to not sell their bodies to anyone else other than their partners. Sex, is for the sake of pure pleasure and lust.

Title : what do guys look for in a girl?, what are the qualities that guys look for? To them what is important? looks or personality.

Personally, I don't have any requirements/standards for a girl.
Although, speaking from a general point of view, guys would usually go for someone;
1. Shorter than them.
2. Quite pretty, but not too pretty, too.
3. Hot body.
4. Not too much of a temperamental person.
5. Doesn't get jealous too easily if he should hang out w his other girl-friends.
6. Cares for him just as much and shows him that, too.

By far, those are th ones I could think of right now, and again, from a general point of view from a 18+yr old boy who's never had a girlfriend until now.

Title : Let's talk about 'Love'.

Let's talk about 'Love'.

When I look at young loving couple, I felt the miss of having a special one in life. Well, who doesn't right? But what does love really means? Only the happy moments you enjoyed feeling it? Or also the bitterness of the argument that makes you feel insecure? The lovely heartfelt words you expressed? Or is it only about love love love? Is there any more than that?

For me, if I were to love again, I would love to feel not only the love but also the closeness of having a friend who will listen and cry with me. All of us wants that. But at times, some of us actually left that out. What we afraid of is losing that one person, and what we could think of is to make the person happy and always happy.

But does only happiness can make one closer to you?

If for me, happiness just won't make one closer, but it'll just leave a good moments to smile on. What makes me feel the closeness is when you talk to me about your sorrows, your stress, your happy moments with friends, your silly moments and basically your ups and downs in life. The way you being yourself, that is what really matters.

Why is this important?
So that there won't be any hesitation. Believe me, there are people who out there afraid to be themselves, cos they just wanna impress you and not making a fool of themselves so that you won't run away.

What do you really look for?

I look for a relationship like this.

That is what I really look for. Someone I can team up with to shoot all the bad guys! HAHAHA! NOT!
I don't know about you aliens, but I would like to have 
a person who is like Angelina Joline in stunts! Who is ready for action! Who can jump higher than me but must be shorter than me. XD

To sing along with me, to laugh with me, to be crazy like me, to debate with me, to swing the guitar at me when I'm being a retarded lame. Throw pillows at me at night when I stink, to push me off the bed and chase her in the house with cream. Messing up the kitchen , poke her while she asleep, and ended up in embrace.

Isn't it sweet to think about this, your dream girl/boy, what you expect from the person, what you want to happen, what you foresee in the relationship. Well, not all we planned run accordingly. Like a saying,'We plan it, but God decide it.'

When you really feel the break down of the relationship, don't just keep quiet, but tell the truth of what you're feeling, he/she will listen. Cos both of you wouldn't wanna lose the love. But if at times, the reason of the break up is beyond your will, it's better not to say it but hoping that he/she will understand you indirectly.

The bitter of love is what makes one be closer to another. As you fall, you will make another stand, to continue what you've stop. It'll be a better trip than before, cos you learnt something and realized what you lack of. That makes you stronger. And stronger that you feel like piggyback her. I wish my girlfriend piggyback me. HAHAHA!

But most importantly, when you confess love, you must really be sincere of what you are confessing, it is not for the beauty but for the companion being with her/his, the way he/she treated you. The way he/she is being true to you. The sincerity he shows visibly and not. The way he is, the imperfection of his that makes him perfect in your eyes. The care he shows to you. And the knowledge that he possessed that can lead you for a better live.

A love you can bring along even at your golden age, is what I call an 'Undying love'.

Meet my lady.

and someone I can be with like what I've mentioned above.
I wanna marry a fair lady, with blue eyes wearing a white hijab!

PS: Well, this will be like in 10years time? Perhaps

What about yours? :D

Title : when a girl kissed a boy

Yup today's random topic will be! What happens when a girl kissed a boy? Hmmmmm have you ever wonder? Well I do! :D

Do you wanna know what happens when a girl kissed a boy? Firstly, blushed, awkward and the boy will say "I just kissed a girl, on the lips(with the ^_________^ face)" LOL!

Well what makes me posting about this is because I was watching the Okto Movies "Haunted house(I think)" and ps: I think Okto is a good variety channel! Cartoons, movies, documentary, it's perfect I tell you. Okay back to it.

If a girl kissed me, I will sing Lady Gaga song, Just dance. LOL Nahh hahaha

So what do you think? If a girl kissed a boy, she will give that shy blushing expression with her cheeks turning pinkish and hesistation conversation like "Errmm so hmm" you know what I mean right? Hahaha LOL.

But what does that kiss meant for? Is it friendship kiss? Or I like you, you like me too? Or Just a kiss? Hmmmm comments ladies?? Hahahaha

Well, for boys, they will always think that oh the girl is into me! GU GU GA GA! Yes boys have this "PERASAN" attitude in them so yeah. They jump to conclusion always without asking or knowing why first and same goes to girls. :P So boys! Don't "perasan" too much okay? Or else the girl will say this to you "Eee jangan perasanlah!" LOL HAHAHA! I meant it in a good note btw. Hahaha

But if a boy kissed you, I'm sure all of you know what it means right? :D Hahaha XD

That's all for now. :D

Title : i seek refuge in allah , shalah

Salam 'alaik!

I've something to share with you. It's about the Khusyu' in our prayers.
I believe many of us may have experience this during our prayers. When we are about to meet Allah, talk to Allah, something will pop out in our mind. Telling us that we forgot to do this and that. Or what we gonna do later. Believe me that is shaitan whispering to you.

Isn't it weird, it only happens when you are praying? You are reciting, yet your heart and mind are not khusyu'. You tend to think of the world than really focusing and concentrating in your prayers.

Why do we pray? Why? Is it just for the sake of accomplishing it? To ease the heart that you just fulfilling the obligatory? Well, that is not right. The Shalah is the greatest moment for us to connect to Allah, to seek His forgiveness, seeking his refuge, guidance and etc. We are talking to Him. Just Him Alone.

Therefore my Brothers and Sisters, I would to share with you this hadiths, about a devil, this one devil is always with us in our prayers to disturb us and whisper us to lead us astray from our focus in our prayers. It's name is Khinzib.

" Uthman ibn Abi Al-’Aas once came to the Messenger of Allah, saying, “O Messenger of Allah!
Satan has confused me and has prevented me from attending (or concentrating on) my prayer
and my reading (meaning reciting the Quran while praying).”

The Messenger of Allah said, “That is a devil called Khinzib. When you feel his presence,
seek refuge with Allah from him and blow to your left side thrice.”

Uthman then said, “I did that, and Allah then saved me from that devil.” [Muslim]. "

Remember to seek refuge in Allah whenever a whisper in your heart that tells you to do bad deeds. Insya'allah Allah is always protecting you. For He Alone we worship, He Alone we seek for help.

Allah is with you.

Title : About Life

something we always love to assume in life when we are down and feel that things are always unfair to us.

I must say, majority might say that life is unfair whenever they feel so down about themselve. But to think it again, its not unfair but life has always been a balance. It's us who change it, unbalance it, and also lead it to something we doesn't expect to happen to us but it did.

As a person who is born with akal,we are given a brain to think and also to analyse our doings and behaviours. God created us to think think think! We don't just do it like how nike say, Just do it. But we are to think a far, foresee what will happened if we do this and that. We are planners but God consent it. Still, if we chose the right path in life, things will be on the right track insya'Allah. It is us who chose the direction and we pray that we will be on the track that gives us fortune.

'Indeed, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change it themselves(beginning from the heart)'
Surah Ar-Ra'd: verse 11

So please don't assume that life is unfair. It is you who made it unfair in your life and if you are feeling emotionally depressed seek help from God and pray to him for guidance and showing you the light for the right path in life. Cos you all know that in life, there are many challenges awaits for us to meet em.

Fret not my dear brothers and sisters in Islam :) Shower yourself with ibadah and amal that will not only help you feel calm but also feel that life is more than just living in it. There are reasons behind it as God created us with a reason and if you find yourself awake tomorrow that means that God still wants you to keep on searching of what you are looking for. Cos God is always fair.

Wallahualam.. :) I may not be good with words here and there but I would like to share my thoughts with some of you that we shouldn't be ego to ourself and listening to our Nafs and also be controlled by our emotion to much. Instead we should keep our prayers up and never fail to make a doa after our prayers. As we doa, we asked for his guidance and etc. But every doa comes with an effort to it.

Well that's all i would like to share with you brothers and sisters :) Bare with me with my language cos yes I know I'm not that superbly good with it. But I tried my best. :) I'm not a scholar or knows much but I share what I've learnt, heard and read.

When I have 1 knowledge(ilmu) and you have 1 knowledge, and together we exhange it. Now we have 2 knowledge and so it spreads. :)

Goodnight! :D

Wassalam ! :D

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